At Harmonie, my workshops and nutritional consultations cater toward a variety of age groups and needs.

My offering includes:

Private Nutritional Consultations 

Harmonie recognizes the unique notation in each individual and works to fine tune a program relevant to their specific needs.

•  Raw Food Preparation Workshops 

Harmonie invites groups of guests to view the creation of balanced meals within the context of raw goodness and essential living.

Introduction to fasting.

Harmonie gives insight into the enigma of fasting. Its power and benefits. 

• Preparation for Parenting

Harmonie holds in tandem the effects of nutrition, mental and spiritual health on fertility – providing markers for those on the journey toward conception. 

• Toddlers and Teens

Harmonie looks to assist parents in celebrating holistic balance with their children. Age is irrespective in applying sustainable nutritional practice with interactive workshops and demonstrations on healthy and practical eating.