Our Story Behind the Conception of Harmonie - Liesel's Story

On entering High School, I discovered a new interest in track running and race walking. As I became more involved and dedicated to bettering my performance, I became increasingly mindful about what and how much food I was putting into my body. I must confess, I moved into a not so healthy place where I became obsessed with how much I weighed and how much I ate, all in the name of “getting a better time” or better still, winning the race.

It took a good number of years to re work my mind set and come to a place where vibrant health, became what I craved with every fibre of my being.

Even though, I struggled to comprehend that true health and being extremely skinny, are not linked, my love for health was still growing. Towards the end of high school, I completed a diploma in Aromatherapy, I had to give up my weekends for a couple of years, but I believe it was well worth the sacrifice. I learnt a lot about interacting with people from a business perspective, and in so doing, I discovered a great love for working with people and offering those I worked with, the opportunity to add value to their lives through health and wellness. I then took my love for track running, onto the road and enjoyed the challenge of training up for half marathons. My body became my teacher, I endured many upsets, during my strict training regime, through injuries as well as suffering many head colds and episodes of bronchitis, due to over training. I went on to become involved with personal fitness training, while I studied theology and then teaching, all the while growing my keen interest in health and wellbeing.

The more I learned, in a personal capacity, about health and wellness the more I felt the need to share this knowledge with others – I believe this was a deep passion being birthed deep within me. I have now embarked on formal studies in nutrition and all things natural, and so my passion to share my experiences and knowledge in this field is being fed, daily! I share this same passion with my gorgeous Mum, Tricia Hoffmann, and slowly but surely we began to weave and craft a magnificent dream together,  to open up a unique health and wellness retreat “one day”.

It is with splendiferous excitement which we can hardly contain, that we can finally say, that day has now come - our beautiful and magnificent retreat is ready and we can’t wait to extend a warm welcome to you at Harmonie! A place to come and revive, create balance in your life and be given the tools to sustain this balance.

Look out for our next couple of blog posts, where we will publish our daily journal, detailing our wonderful experiences as we prepare for and welcome our inaugural guests to Harmonie this weekend. Tricia would also love to share her story behind the conception of Harmonie.

We look forward to hearing from and getting to know you through our various social media platforms, so please don’t be shy, join the Harmonie social scene, leave comments, share a plenty, we would love to interact and engage with you – yay!

Yours in vibrant wellness,

Love Liesel and Tricia xoxo