A Delectable Dessert with Cocoespresso

This month we’ve been rapidly at work in the kitchen developing new recipes with a cool brand of coconut water- H2coco. One of our more popular recipes has been the “Banoffee Chia Pudding” we created using cocoespresso from H2coco. The added kick from a shot of espresso makes this an ideal option for a midmorning snack or an on-the-go breakfast.  

We’ve used chia seeds in this recipe not only because of their superfood qualities, but also because of their texture. When in liquid they absorb what’s around them, giving them a soft and tapioca like quality. Chia means ‘strength’ in Mayan, and they are an ancient mega-energy seed that have been used for thousands of years.  Chia seeds are naturally free from gluten and despite their tiny size they are among some of the most nutritious foods around. They are loaded with fiber, protein and omega-3 fatty acids, making them perfect brain food. Their spectacular nutritional profile brings them to the top of our shopping list.

How can you not add these bitsy bites to yours?

Banoffee Chia Pudding

You will need …

½ Cup Chia Seeds

1 Cup Hazelnuts, that have been soaked overnight and then drained and rinsed

½ Teaspoon Salt

1 Cup Cocoespresso

1 Cup Mashed Banana - this should be about 2 medium sized bananas

1 Tablespoon Cinnamon

½ Cup Honey

Blend all the ingredients on high for about 1 minute until they have combined together well. Allow the mixture to sit for about 15 minutes in the fridge, this allows the chia seeds to soak up some of the liquid and swell. We suggest sprinkling flaked coconut or crushed hazelnuts on top for some crisp crunch.

Due to this extremely cold weather we’ve included a second recipe for you to enjoy...

Hot coco-water Cappuccino.

In a blender combine 500 ml cocoespresso and ½ a cup of soaked hazelnuts (you can also use cashews) on high until the nuts have been broken down and the mixture has been slightly heated. Warm your mugs and then serve with cinnamon or cacao powder sprinkled on top.