Packed with Delicious Goodness!

This month we’ve mentioned H2coco water a lot! We’ve used their products for inspiration to mix up some of our favourite recipes. The recipe featured today is made using their unflavoured coconut water - H2coco Original. If this cold weather is inspiring you to cook up something comforting then our Thai tea is the perfect choice!

f you are looking for something to warm you up on these chilly mornings then this Thai tea is perfect! Once again we’re using coconut water, so you’re getting all the amazing nutritional benefits we mentioned above. Traditionally Thai tea is made with condensed milk, we have adapted the recipe to up the nutrient value. You can alternatively add honey or agave. Honey balances your blood sugar levels, boosts your immune system and it has anti-viral qualities.

For this recipe you will be creating a perfectly balanced spice infused almond mylk. We love using almond mylk as a replacement for dairy as it is filled with health benefits. Almond mylk is low in calories which is helpful for weight management, it contains heart healthy omega fatty acids, it contributes to muscle strength, keeps your bones strong and skin glowing and it barely impacts your blood sugar levels. The spices we have used in this recipe are combined in such a way that they are warming and comforting as well as being packed with goodness. Cinnamon helps to control your blood sugar levels, cardamon aids in maintaining regular blood pressure levels and star anise is said to be antibacterial and anti-fungal which means that it is a good remedy for coughs and sore throats. Green tea has also been included in the mix for its well known antioxidant qualities.

For the Thai Tea you will need -

2 Star Anise

1 ½ cups Hot Water

1 ½  Plain Coconut Water

1 cup Soaked Almonds

6 Cardamon Pods

2 Tablespoons Cinnamon

2 Bags of Green Tea

Tear open the green tea bags and empty the contents into the blender jug.  Add in all the ingredients and blend well until frothy. Strain the liquid through a nut milk bag into a beautiful teapot.  Squeeze the nutmilk bag gently to get as much liquid through as possible. Spread the damp almond pulp onto a solid dehydrator tray and dehydrate until dry.  Then using a dry blender jug, grind the dried pulp into flour and store it in your freezer ready to use to make spice infused almond flour cookies at a later stage.

Nothing beats drinking this version of Thai tea on a cold Winter’s evening!