Talking About Spring - Part 1

The Spirit of the Spring

With the sunbeams in her hair…

Shakes the sleeping earth…

And with the pilgrim by her side…

She murmurs in the trees…

And in the ears of all who listen…

“Now… Time to wake…

For Winter has gone”

-        Magna Carta from their album entitled Seasons

Harmonie Garden Flowers

Spring has sprung! Many thoughts and feelings have been evoked in us as we enjoy the newness this season brings. We’d like to share our thoughts and feelings about Spring to encourage and inspire both you (and us too) to step out of a few comfort zones and step in and embrace something new. 

“I think I will just keep that in case I need it later”. We are certain this statement does not just ring true for us, but for many others too. Spring is the most opportune time to take a closer inspection of your kitchen grocery cupboards/pantry and clear out less desirable foods in preparation for making better nutrient-dense choices of foods in beautiful rainbow colours to tantalize the eyes, nose and mouth. A quick tip – when deciding what to keep and what to ditch, look at the list of ingredients of the particular item. If there are a whole lot of things you can’t even read let alone pronounce, chances are your body won’t recognise them as food either. 

Allow the new season to open up opportunities to adopt better habits. There is always room to learn, grow and upgrade your state of wellbeing. How about opting for filtered water over tap water, first prize would be spring water. Drinking spring water deeply hydrates the body. Spring water perfectly hydrates every cell in the body. 

Spring into action! The sun is rising earlier, now is the best time to dust off those walking/running/cycling shoes and do some form of daily exercise outdoors. Come on! Don’t wait for someone else to invite you to join them, take the plunge and be the first to phone up a friend and ask them to join you. Exercising with others may just be what you need to encourage and inspire you to step out of an unhealthy comfort zone. 

Reaching out to old friends or new ones is a wonderful way to re-new your mind. Surround yourself with positive people who will uplift you. 

Spring brings new growth and a wonderful sense of freshness and newness. The potential energy of a coiled up spring comes to mind – once it is compressed and then released it shoots up with seemingly boundless energy. If it is well oiled, it will function optimally. If it oxidises- it becomes rusty and ceases to be able to move- so get out there and include good fatsin nourishing your body and brain; as well as incorporating stretching exercises like yoga into your daily routine. 

We love this excerpt from the Spring Song by Magna Carta, off the album Seasons:

“The sun is rising from the a cloud

Above your head

When you instead are sleeping,

All is knowing…

All is growing…

And no one knows which way their mind is blowing”

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity the season of Spring brings, to turn over a new leaf. 

Tricia and Liesel
Harmonie Garden Flowers