Talking About Spring - Part 2

Talking About Spring - part 2

Spring brings with it new life and new opportunities. In our last blog post we offered a few ideas to encourage and inspire you to step out of a few comfort zones and embrace something new. In this blog we take one step further and focus on the importance of cleansing and why Spring is a good time to do this.

The definition of cleanse is: "to free or rid yourself of something unpleasant". Most of us are running at full pace on the treadmill of life and take little to no time to stop, breathe and consider our state of health. To keep up this high pace, feel energized and maximize our potential - deeply nourishing and cleansing our systems is vital.


TIP -  Prior to embarking on a cleansing program, we advise you to prepare your body for the cleanse. Reduce your intake of fatty foods, refined sugars, alcohol and coffee. Add in a variety of brightly colored fresh fruit, vegetables and leafy greens with the emphasis on the greens. Be sure to drink plenty of filtered or spring water, to hydrate and flush out on a cellular level; thus giving your body the opportunity to gently move into your formal cleansing program.

Ancient traditional wisdom teaches us that the most powerful times to do a cleanse is on the Spring and/or Autumn Equinoxes and Solstices. This causes our energies to move around having a positive and powerful effect on us. Be aware that the cleansing action can bring about some unpleasant symptoms of detoxification. These can vary depending on your state of wellbeing.

If you are a newbie to cleansing, we strongly encourage you to opt for a guided cleansing program. There is a wealth of information around cleansing programs. You can quickly become overwhelmed and shy away from it altogether.

Contact us to find out more about our two guided cleansing packages, which are listed on our website We would love to work with you and guide you through an essential and most rewarding progression in your journey towards a balanced state of harmonie.